Wedding Videographer

Rich is a wedding videographer based in Cheltenham but does love filming weddings all over the UK and abroad. So wherever your wedding is, I'll come and film it. The filming approach is minimal - It's discreet with no need for big outlandish cameras and purposely using mirrorless cameras to capture stunning visuals just as the way you remember the day from start to finish. I'm a big believer in capturing the more naturalistic shots from your day, resulting a sincere outcome. I'm very good with capturing wonderful intimate moments, sometimes, you won't even be aware that I was there for that special moment. Occasionally... organised shots will take place for a more cinematic look, this will definitely help shape the narrative of your film in the final edit, you will be thankful that we took the time to do it. The films will be edited in a way to completely evoke and reflect the same emotions you felt on the day.

Lil bit about myself on the W day :-


 I'm a nice and relaxed guy, I believe this enhances my abilities to be as invented as i can through out the day. I'm also calm and friendly during those intense pressurised moments and always willing to go the extra mile to help out in anyway. please check out some of my work below.