Hello there, Welcome to the colour me Earth green page. 

Colour Me earth Green is an original surreal story poised to be

extracted to a visual medium. A crowdfunded short film rooted

with folk elements and Horror.


The Writer and Director Richard Mcafee, IMDB recognised Is

known for his recent works as the Director for the award winning

short film titled No Hard Shells Crack? Which is available on

Amazon Prime. Colour Me Earth Green will be a short film with

 strong tone for drama, not strictly a genre film to a

specific area but overall It will be sold as a horror. 

Richard Mcafee is a lover of all horror creatives and we believe the

script is original from it’s concept, it’s current message and

surrealism. Against the screenplay It’s working out

to be a 30 min short. I have a neck to over play certain sequences

with long dread just to keep the viewers on edge and unease. 

Everything will be in camera, This goes back for

my love for practical effects.


We have assembled a solid team of filmmakers with

various experienced backgrounds to attain justification for the

script. It's looking good, very good.


Attached to the project, we currently have Dan Martin

( 13fingerfx ), sfx expert from such films as Cronenberg’s possessor,

Nicholas cage’s The colour of space interested in the project to

assist with some certain scenes from the film. 

Check out his Catalogue :-


We will keep you all informed with insights and updates during

the progress of the campaign so check regularly.

Please visit the following link to get involved with the making

of this film, You may find our indiegogo page contains the campaign vid and everything else you need to know. get involved peeps!! :-


We are delighted to announce that Lucy Eleanor Hill has been cast as our Lead Actor for Colour Me Earth Green. 

Earth Green follows the story of Willow's self isolation experience during the covid age and her abilities to defend the natural world from destruction at all costs.

Lucy has a fantastic Portfolio in TV and Theatre. I myself have had the pleasure of working with her from other film projects so i am very psyched to collaborate and work with her again from this major short film.



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