No Hard Shells crack? is a short film written and directed by myself, an experimental short reflecting on Covid-19 and the consequences for disobeying guidelines. No hard shells crack? is a 0 budget-made film that takes place in one room, the living room. With a very slim budget to help the marketing and promotional side of things, I'm doing all I can to expose it. for the last 5 years i've been a big fan of the following distributors, Rook films, wigwam, FILM 4, a24, anti worlds, the list goes on really but these are the certain companies i've targeted for contacts as i am a such a big fan of for their work, their choices of subjects are full of diversity, they always make and invest in completely original creativity and embracing the total weirdness. Many of my favourite films just so happen to be recent films made by first time film makers ( directual debuts ) So, I've been trying my luck, Slipping them DM's to their personal Instagram accounts, contacting their agents, twitter etc , just trying to get them to have a little look at the micro short for a cheeky review, I figured getting some nice words said about the film would help spark further interests. and so far, I've been overwhelmed with the quick response, I've received some generous feedback. And so far, they all like the film, liking the moments that took extra work to get right, picking up on hidden meanings. Babak Anvari, bafta award winner gave me some lovely feed back but also questioned it, "how can you take this story further", "utilise the ending like a punchline of a joke". It was all fantastic considering this was feedback from one of my favourite horror films of recent times 'under the shadow' so I took his advice on board and made the adjustments for the ending. NoHardShellsCrack? is underway with film festival submissions. a long way to go but so good



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