Why Is No Hard Shells Crack? working well?


It is short.

A couple of big players in the film industry have quoted and praised No hard shells crack? for actually being short. 

Festival Judges/Critiques go through literally Thousand upon thousands of short films, so coming by a short that’s actually under 3 mins is probably refreshing and likely to have an optimistic approach. Even my-self is a victim of this act, I entered a film competition where I was available to scroll through the competition. There were 125 films, Scrolling through the list You can see the  time duration and seeing a project that was over 10 minutes long….I skipped it and wasn’t interested, maybe If the topic of the film was intriguing enough then maybe I would of….So a short film really REALLY does need to stand out, It’s a sad thing to admit….but It’s true.

The score Is Phenomenal.

The music Is an absolute commitment, I knew this from the very beginning. Treat It like a music vid, the visuals are important but the music is so much more. Depending on the project but on this particular one…the score instantly draws you in…buliding suspense etc etc…They will be interested and glued from the first beat.



The editing is something else the film has been praised for. I believe it’s not too quick and not too predictably paste. Typically, It begins with simple cuts to the beat of the score. this becomes predictable like life It self….. but the covid-19 comes along and life It self gets uncontrollably messy, thats when the edit isn’t so frequent and predictable. It took about a week for just the climax shot, final cut was 15 seconds. This honestly took a lot of patience with the key framing, so so tedious, I don’t have the skills for after effects. A lot of people would of gave up as this wasn’t a paid job….so Don’t give up ( grinch )



There’s a main theme against the film and It’s obvious It’s about Covid-19 but the questions in hand and meaning Is really open to multiple interpretations. It’s really not just random. I have my interpretation…what’s yours?



    We were Lock-downed for a solid 2 Months before things were loosening up. So I had loads of time to edit, work on the score, figure out what the film actually was, Do additional shots. So for the next project and future projects this will probably be an issue but If I develop a good enough plan to enable good time to make it the best version of the story possible then work it out!!


Simplistic shots and Angles can work extremely well If the narrative is good enough.


for the first time, I kept the shot list simple, like…really simple. There were no real complexed coordinations needed and no technical shots required. This helped me relaxed a whole lot more and assist the time to focus on what was crucial… which was the subject matter, that was more important. I’ve created short horrors before where It was all about making the film look good and basically cool with funky angles, colour grade etc ….That is an absolute school boy error. It’s all about the concept and Story…full stop.


Post production

When the edit Is completely finished, The hard work Is done in my opinion.…and I mean Finished, like after the 25th finals final cuts. Every else after the final cut you can leave to your enthusiasm and passion. Finding that energy to promote your film is easy. Create some cool thumbnail styled stills for social media etc etc but You have to dig deeper than that, you 100% can’t rely on social media to do everything for you. No hard Shells Crack? cost nothing to make and is the absolute definition of independent film making…No one else is Involved In this. I started off with contacting a Lot of first time filmmakers to check out my short, Contacting someone like Alex Cox, Ben Wheatley will probably not work….but contacting recent successful full feature film makers seemed more successful and they were more than happy to give up a bit of their time to check it out and dish back feedback. That feeling of trying to break through into the industry is still very fresh in their mind. It’s just oddly enough…A lot of my favourite films in recent years just so happened to be debut films! I was basically sending Instagram DM’s, emailing agencies, Twitter stalking….. that kind of creepy thing. keep promoting and create a buzz…a genuine buzz.



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